Cast Off Your Ingrained Prejudice and Open Your Mind

Following a rather interesting conversation a group of us had the other night, I finally decided to tackle head-on my thoughts on the topic of drugs and their legal status by putting pen to paper (or finger to key to screen to Internet) and seeing if it clears my mind any more (see, you don’t need to be a crack addict to have a confused mind…).

Ok, first of all I need to state where (I think) I stand on all this: I think all currently illegal drugs should be legalized. Not necessarily immediately, but certainly we should start on the path towards legalization and, in turn, some form of regulation. We should timetable the legalization of substances and, unlike most governmental plans, we should stick to that timetable.
Maybe I’m a hard-liner, I don’t know. And, to be honest, I don’t care – it’s just what I think.

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Looking Forward to Death

Looking back through things I’ve written in the past I’ve noticed a certain trend of mine to write about, or include in my articles, death – in some way, shape, or form – so I figured it would make sense to spend a little time addressing my own mortality, and what I think about it. Not a particularly earth-shattering piece of information for anyone, and perhaps self-centered, but last time I checked I wasn’t really the kind of person who gave a shit. If you don’t want to read it then don’t.

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The Nature of Death

Nature is just a higher, unknown power’s way of saying ’Better than you’.

That is the only conclusion I can draw.
The ‘higher, unknown power’ is not mine to name. Nor is it anybody else’s. That is how it comes to be ‘unknown’.
Make of it what you will. Be it God, Allah, Jupiter, Venus, Satan, Zeus, a higher conscious and spiritual level – it matters not. Nor is the point of these writings to prove/disprove any theories.

“The artist is the creator of beautiful things.
To reveal art and conceal the artist is art’s aim”

– The Picture of Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde

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Rule By Fear

Got Bin Laden?

Just to put these writings/musings into perspective, I am, at present, in the United States of America, and will be for another week yet.
Before I got here I already had a vague idea of the subject of this article, having journeyed here a few times since the events of 11th September 2001, and I was curious to see whether the ‘climate of fear’ in which Bush and Co. had been able to pass some ridiculous laws (pretty much with a carte blanche) had at least begun to subside, what with the run up to the elections this year and all that…

My, my. How naive can I get…

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Two Glorious Years On…

Ahhh two years ago today, 11th September 2001. Popularly dubbed 9-11. We all remember it. The promises that were made, the laws, skirmishes and subsequent protests that were to follow. The vow to rid the world of terrorism and to bring those responsible for the attacks to justice (American justice, that is) and all the other tricks Mr Bush and Mr Blair had up their sleeves.

And that’s my purpose in writing this. To see just how much the world really has changed, beneath all the hype. Now, I know I am hardly the first person to write such a piece, just a glance at today’s papers shows that, nor am I completely competent on all aspects of what I am about to discuss. Some areas I have a better understanding of than others, but I shall do my best to present what I do know as efficiently as possible.

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“American Funded Genocide, While We Sit and Sympathise.”

There never was a good war, nor a bad peace.” I have used that quote from Ben Franklin on many occassions recently as I believe it is very important. “What about World War Two?” some people ask. Well, that was not a good war. It was a horrendous war which brought with it unimaginable death tolls. 26 million Russians died in action. 6 million Jews slaughtered as part of one man’s plans. The only (as of yet) nuclear bomb to have been used in action dropped on innocent civillians. To me that is not ‘good’. Perhaps the reasons to fight were justified, but the war itself was not ‘good’. And this war shall not prove to be any different from history.

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Fuck Shit Cunt Bastard Bollocks Dick Twat Crap

One question. Are you looking at this with a feeling of disgust/shock at the title? Or were you intrigued by the title and felt little or no disgust/shock at it? If you answer yes to the first question then perhaps my conlusion of this article is incorrect, but if you answer yes to the second question you have effectively supported what I am about to write. Either way I personally would like to know your views in the forums.

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Germany 1939 & Iraq 2003: Are They Really Similar?

Well, if I was willing to start this with a simple, one-word response to the statement given in the question in order to show where I stand on the subject then it would be this: NO.
But I wouldn’t do such a thing. Oh no. Because I do feel this does require some level of explanation to follow with it. Which is what I intend to do in what will follow. But first I feel some sort of explanation is required. Firstly, this is not directly an anti-war article. Any of you who know me though will know that I am indeed anti-war, but that is not directly the reason for why I write this. I write this because it struck me whilst watching Question Time on BBC1 last night (27/02/2003) that there are quite a few people who are believing what is told to them by the majority of politicians that something needs to be done in Iraq because in the 1930’s much of the public was against the idea of war and that it was the public of that time’s ‘fault’ that we tried to appease Hitler and allow World War II to happen on such a scale etc etc, and that the situation in Iraq is similar and we cannot go on appeasing Saddam or similar problems will happen. Personally I believe that to be an overstatement of the greatest kind, and I also believe is clear use of ‘spin’, a favourite tactic of the current government. I should also point out at this point that I am not a historian, indeed I do not know everything there is to know about German history, but I have studied the two World Wars to GCSE standard for two years, and even from that (and a certain amount of my own knowledge) I can still draw the conclusion which I have stated above.

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Michael Jackson – Man or ‘Monster’?

As I write this I am sure that most of you are well aware as to what has prompted me to write such an article. For those of you not so aware of what could have prompted such an article, I shall explain briefly. On Monday just passed (03/02/2003) at 9pm GMT a television programme was aired on ITV, entitled Living With Michael Jackson, a documentary by Martin Bashir (who interviewed Princess Diana for BBC’s Panorama programme a few years previous), in which Mr Bashir spent a period of I believe 8 months following Michael Jackson and being allowed to basically live with him, in a series of interviews. As I said, this programme was aired in the UK on Monday night passed, and last night (Thursday 06/02/2003) was aired in America. Whilst I am unaware of what impact the show made in the States, I now that the reaction over here in the UK has been quite a varied one although the majority of people, even those who felt sympathy and ‘warmed’ towards Jackson, seemed to have the same consensus, and that is one of him being a paedophile, which is where my title primarily comes from, and why I am writing to argue against this idea of Michael Jackson being yet another ‘celebrity paedophile’, and hopefully show him to be the good man I think a few people saw when watching the programme. And not only do I think he’s a good man, but also an extremely gifted and intelligent one.

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September 11th 2001

Today, September 11th, 2001 “a date which will live in infamy…”
For the first time I open with a quote, and I’m sure you recognise it, most probably if you’ve seen the film Pearl Harbor, or if you study history (and remember it!). To let you know that quote is taken from Former U.S. President F.D.Roosevelt after the infamous Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7th 1941. The reason America (eventually) joined the Second World War (too late in my opinion).
[I would like to say right now that this piece I am writing is in no way Anti-American. I am simply stating my own opinions on events, some past, most present.]

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