Another Year

Well, I’m another year older. The ripe old age of 23.

Apparently, this isn’t the one I should be worried about, that’s 25 but, meh, I feel old just admitting that I’m 23.
Not in an entirely negative context you understand. I’m not all depressed; I’m not going out to buy myself a Porsche before suffering a nervous breakdown after discovering that my life is a huge melting pot of failed dreams and missed opportunities. Not by a long way.

I’m just genuinely apathetic about the fact it’s my birthday and I can’t, for the life of me, work out why, except to put it down to ‘age’.

Anyway, enough of that shite.

We went out last night avec la famille to celebrate the said birthday to Miyabi in Lancaster, a Japanese restaurant. It was bloody lovely and I gorged gratuitously. Myself and the father had the same thing – the Miyabi Deluxe set meal – consisting of King Prawns in batter, a lovely beef wrap jobby with mushrooms in the middle, lobster, scallops, lamb and pork. Fecking brilliant.
It was a fun night – lots of good banter, excellent food, good drink and general merriment, followed up by a cheeky pint or two in The Three Mariners around the corner.

So, yes, I can recommend it. Whilst it’s not the sort of place you could go to week in week out (it ain’t the cheapest place to go) but in terms of value for money, I’d rate it pretty high. But that could also be because I have zero experience of Japanese food besides that. *shrugs*
If there’s ever a group of us going for a group occasion any time, I’d definitely be recommending it.

After that joviality, I got back home and was encouraged to open cards etc, which included a pretty neat framed drawing of Jimi Hendrix from the parents. Have to admit, I was surprised. Not that I was expecting a shit gift, but I just didn’t expect them to have bought me something like that.

Today’s a day of work, followed by the standard Wetherspoon’s curry night.

As for celebrations of sorts, things are undecided, largely down to my earlier described apathy. There’s the chance of a few beers / food Friday night, either in Lancaster or at mine depending on what people fancy, although to be honest I’m veering away from Lancaster as it means we’ll end up somewhere unnecessarily noisy – I’d rather be able to sit around and chat shite. If anyone fancies either option, let me know and we’ll see if it can happen.

Otherwise, thanks for the birthday messages, cards and the like that people have sent. We’ll beer soon.

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