No other word comes remotely close.

We went out last night to watch the Champions League Final between Manchester United and Chelsea. Originally we were going to try to get to Manchester to see it, when we thought there would still be the large outdoor screens. Alas, the Rangers trouble put paid to that idea.

As it was, Lancaster proved to be a fine venue, with busy places and little trouble (that we saw, anyway).

The match itself was, to my mind, superb. It could only have have been better if it had been 2 or 3 a piece by the end of Extra Time. There was little to separate the two teams and they both most definitely ‘brought their A Game’ to the table for it. United owned most of the first half, Chelsea the second, and the reverse being true in Extra Time.

Chelsea’s goal was perhaps lucky with the bounces, but it was well taken and it had been coming. United perhaps should have had a couple more with some very near misses, but Chelsea could well have had one or two as well.

Ronaldo screwed up. The moment he hesitated on the penalty I felt he was going to miss. He had a great game, and it can’t be held against him, but I often find myself watching him and just wishing he’d tone down the cheekiness / cockiness for a while. Sympathies to John Terry – another great player who deserved to get a goal and the winner, but that’s the problem with penalties.
It was also refreshing to see us win through a save rather than a complete miss from Anelka.

I had been talking the week before with Pete about this, but this is the first season that I’ve really got back into watching and following the football. It’s been a great season and thrilling right to the end, plus it was nice to see a non-major side winning the FA Cup (would have been nicer if it was Cardiff but… 😉 ).

Thrilling stuff, reminded me of all the excitement I used to have for the game, and for once I actually cannot wait till the start of the next season.

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