Mid-Life Crisis @ 22…?

… not really. But I have come to a few ground-shattering (for me, anyway) revelations / conclusions over the last couple of days, some of which have been reflected upon for a good while, others that are more recent, all of which I have only myself to blame for.

Last night I took the (to me) shocking step of suspending my Eve Online subscription. Those of you who know me will know that’s a pretty drastic measure, but was something I needed to do and force myself to take a break from it. It’s a great game, and one I enjoy a lot, but I have just found myself being less and less interested in it over the past few weeks, not to mention other general realizations that I really need to fucking refocus on real life a bit more outside of work.
All I’ve been doing recently is getting home, eating, and filling the rest of the time with sitting staring at the Eve screen all day through lack of forcing myself to think up other things. It also made me really lose focus on a lot of things whilst kidding myself I wasn’t. Fucking amateur. Simply put, I finally realized that, right now, it just isn’t what I want to be doing but, rather than keep it active like I’ve done over other spells where I’ve been away but I figured this time it just wasn’t going to work. I need to completely shut off from it.

Other than that, my general revelations / reflections have been a shitload more personal and cover stuff that I really ought not to write down here, save causing upset / discomfort to those it involves. Needless to say my reflections of negativity are not on them as such, but rather my interractions with them and the various ways I’ve managed to fuck things up through a combination of my own pride, stubborness, selfishness, and a variety of other screwed up character-traits I like to think I don’t really possess but clearly seem to exhibit.

And I’m going to pack that in there as this seems to be turning dangerously emo, when in reality it should serve as an apology, albeit without directly naming those I’m apologizing to – I’m pretty sure that, if they even read this (unlikely) they’ll know it’s them I’m referring to.

Let’s just say I know I’ve fucked up, and the realization that it’s too late is like a good, solid kick to the ghoolies, in which scenario I’m basically at the still-wobbly knees / wincing stage.

Joy. x

BBC News: Man sues M&S for £300K over grape

Original Item:

What an absolute miserable bastard this fellow is. Please, read the article, it’s not too lengthy.

In short, a London accountant is trying to sue Marks&Spencer after slipping over and tearing a tendon in their car park in 2004.

The reason he believes he fell over is because he found a grape stuck to the bottom of his shoe that could have become attached either inside or outside the store… so therefore it’s their fault…

Thankfully M&S are contesting this and I sincerely hope they win it and bring the scrounging little prick back down to earth with a bump.

The reason he’s suing? ‘Loss of Earnings’. Good one… nobody ever tries that, do they? Something confuses me though… he’s a sodding accountant. How critical is a tendon in his right leg to his work? It’s not as if he’s a footballer, rugby player, cyclist or any other ‘active’ job that sort of requires the full and proper use of his right leg. Would it have made things more difficult while he was recovering? ‘Course it would, but it’s not bloody impossible.

This little section particularly gripped me

Mr Martin-Sklan, who is representing himself, is claiming for lost earnings on top of his general damages, because “loss of confidence” and depression following his injury led to him being unable to recruit new clients and contacts for his business.

… Stunning. He hurts his leg and suffers loss of confidence and depression as a result. To me, that screams that he needs psychiatric attention, not financial. I am not doubting that tearing a tendon works, but if something that simple knocks your confidence and induces depression which in turn affects your ability to do your job then you’ve always been an accident waiting to happen good sir, and should be thankful it happened know rather than later. In fact, you should be paying M&S as a little ‘thank you’ for bringing your clear instability to your attention before it got too far.

Either way, you need to grow a pair of testicles and move on, you whiny mother trucker.

EDIT: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/london/7292657.stm ROFLCOPTER. You fail. Now dig deep to repay those fees…