The McCann Saga. One and Only Post

I won’t lie – this whole thing has pissed me off from start to end and for various reasons, many of which can be found under other people’s posts.
So far, I figured I wouldn’t even bother paying it lip-service, and just leave it to irritate me and only me, without inflicting my irritations upon the web.

But this news item really irritated me for a couple of reasons:

  1. After all the fuss they made, the ‘going on tour’, and the general media whoring, is it not a little bit late / hypocritical to suddenly turn around and say they don’t want the attention any more.
  2. Is it a coincidence that they don’t want the attention when the spotlight (some would claim reasonably) falls onto them?
  3. He made this point about wanting the media attention to take on a ‘low-key format’ at the Edinburgh TV Festival… right.

It just irritates me in the same way that so-called ‘celebrities’ bitch and moan about the media spotlight that gets them work in the first place.
I’m one of the last people who has any particular care for tabloid media at the best of times, but it still irritates me when fools try to blame it when it doesn’t work in their favour, yet love it like their parent when it does.

To take some quotes from the BBC Article (this irritated me enough to not care to look up other sources yet – if you want to nitpick then feel free, but I’m not going to comment on this again so don’t expect a reply 🙂 )…

that it was not necessary to “bombard people on a daily basis” with Madeleine’s image.

But it clearly was necessary to tour Europe wearing her image on T-Shirts in the media spotlight and visit the Pope…

Although he acknowledged that he and his wife Kate had initially sought publicity, there was now a “lack of control” in the coverage, he said.

Forgive me, but I never saw any kind of control in any of the coverage I have seen on the issue – just the usual tabloid, hyped-up crap, desperate to name a suspect and give the general masses a face to hate.

“The compromise has always been do we do something because it will help Madeleine,” he said.

“Unfortunately the human interest side of this is enormous now and that’s been very difficult.”

Whilst I can understand the difficulties posed by the first statement, the second one is simply absurd: the entire purpose of all the media managing they did was to ensure there was a large human interest side to this. To claim that that is unfortunate that it worked is to admit they were wrong.

Everything the family did was being scrutinised, he added, and this had become “very unpleasant”.

Welcome to the real world.

But Mr McCann said he now wanted the story to be “reported responsibly and only newsworthy material” used.

I’m not going to touch that one… the responsible reporting line is just too easy.

And that’s it, I’m done.

I’m not going to touch this subject again, and I’m a little bit ashamed that I’ve let myself touch it now.
I know a few people will think this is heartless and in places unnecessarily blunt – and it is – but at the end of the day, as sad as it is that this little girl has gone missing, I think it’s more sad that such obvious ‘extra effort’ has been plowed into it due to the media storm, bypassing the countless other young people who’ve gone missing since.
Whilst this isn’t the first such case to do this (every couple of years another one seems to crop up) – and I doubt it’ll be the last – it doesn’t stop it being irritating, and slightly disturbing as evidence of how media is god.

Please send hate mail to someone who gives a shit. I posted this under ‘Rants’ so it would be clear as to what it was. I never asked you to read this.


I’m probably a heartless bastard but I read the first paragraph and couldn’t help tittering a little.