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A little selection of some pleasant little albums available under Creative Commons licenses on Available links under each name.

Stark – Lounge Immersion

Some nice jazzy moments.

Various Artists – Bluebox Sampler, Vol. 1

A cool little mixture of rock tracks, along with some really mellow numbers. Some really nice tracks.

Download Here

All:My:Faults – The Anger Manifest EP

Quite heavily electronic rock-bordering-metal tracks. A good front voice and it all works well together. I like it, but I don’t quite know why yet. I keep thinking it’s because it’s a little bit Rammstein-esque, with a twist.

Download Here

The TenGooz

With presently four available albums for download, there’s not one of them I wouldn’t recommend you have a listen to. Japanese group, but singing in English, all in an upbeat, almost-ska, funky little package with a solid bassline and fun guitar.

Download Here

Piergiorgio Lucidi – JazzMoves


Download Here

Goo Goo Cluster – Goo Goo Cluster

Funkier than a funky thing on funky stuff. Try it.

Download Here

Zweeback – Zweeback

Relaxed, and generally just fairly pleasant easy listening. Worth a try.

Download Here

Revolution Void – Increase the Dosage

I downloaded this ages ago but never really listened to it. However, it came on today, and have to admit it’s rather addictive, mainly because it fluctuates in tempo and volume a bit, which is nice. Quite cool background music.

Download Here

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