‘Love All the People’ by Bill Hicks

A collection of letters, stage routines, and some lyrics written by Bill Hicks throughout his life, right from some of his earliest shows right through until some of his final material before his death in 1994.

Anyone who’s listened or seen any of his routines before will recognise much of the stage routines, some of which get a little bit repetitive when reading a book like this, although it is interesting to see the different ways in which he approaches the same topics a few years after originally doing the material. And it doesn’t detract from it being funny, but if you’ve read essentially the same paragraph half an hour before it is tempting to skim the current one and move on to stuff you hadn’t seen before.

But for me, the really interesting stuff comes through all the things I hadn’t heard or seen before, his letters to various people, his own personal comments / stories / thoughts on life, the universe, and everything, and the few pages of lyrics either as poems or song lyrics for of the bands he was a part of or hoped to form allow the man’s intelligence and just how broad his mental scope was on dealing with issues.

Whilst many of his points are ‘way out there’ in comprehension, simply because they fly so clearly in the face on everything one is taught and told and has reflected in society, he makes his points well, and provides arguments that are often difficult to counter.

Definitely worth a look, although from what I’ve heard if you are looking for a book about Bill Hicks and his life, Agent of Evolution by Kevin Booth should come closer to what you’re after.

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