Digital Cars…

Now, that is shit hot.

Of course, it is discussing using Windows which, no disrespect, but I would not dare put in my car, for the simple reason that I get too frustrated at the familiar Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) whilst in the comfort of my own home, with a nice brew sat on the side to calm me down, but to have it happen whilst I was trying to download a new song, drive, and get the voice recognition to play some music, would, definitely increase the risk of an accident.

But nonetheless I still find it exciting for the simple fact of the possibilities that arise from such technology getting such major focus on the US. The DIY and Free and Open Source Software options are dramatic.

Following on from such things as MythTV in the Media Centre range, the potential for various clever little blog pages and homespun projects to bring LinuxAutoOS, or similar to the masses. Of course, I can imagine hardware configurations would still be a bitch, but it would be fun to see the various projects that get thrown up, and the different ideas and realities that can be created – TuxMyRide anyone? 😀

Anyway, that was all really, just something that struck me as quite fun…

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