Digital Carsโ€ฆ

Now, that is shit hot.

Of course, it is discussing using Windows which, no disrespect, but I would not dare put in my car, for the simple reason that I get too frustrated at the familiar Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) whilst in the comfort of my own home, with a nice brew sat on the side to calm me down, but to have it happen whilst I was trying to download a new song, drive, and get the voice recognition to play some music, would, definitely increase the risk of an accident.

But nonetheless I still find it exciting for the simple fact of the possibilities that arise from such technology getting such major focus on the US. The DIY and Free and Open Source Software options are dramatic.

Following on from such things as MythTV in the Media Centre range, the potential for various clever little blog pages and homespun projects to bring LinuxAutoOS, or similar to the masses. Of course, I can imagine hardware configurations would still be a bitch, but it would be fun to see the various projects that get thrown up, and the different ideas and realities that can be created – TuxMyRide anyone? ๐Ÿ˜€

Anyway, that was all really, just something that struck me as quite fun…

Saddam Hussein Executed

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Well, it’s now 06:00 on the 30th December and for a number of reasons, I’m still awake and online and just over an hour and a half ago first read the ‘Breaking News’ story on the BBC site rumouring that Saddam Hussein, former President of Iraq, has been hanged following his well-publicised trial.

And, for whatever reason, I find it weird

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Manual Labour & The Weakest Link

Not the most entertaining of posts really. Today was a little bit different in that I was actually doing some form of manual labour in the form of helping a mate do some roofing. It was done on top of a killer hangover and near-to-zero sleep, which probably wasn’t the best idea in the world, but what can you do?

Anyway, besides all that I have to say I found it quite enjoyable. Of course, I was pretty poor at the actual work side of stuff, but it was pleasant enough to be out and actually doing stuff in the fresh air and trying something different.

It also made me realize that I’m a fucking numpty who lacks an ounce of common sense.

I won’t name examples, just trust me on this one.

And that was that. I’m now really tired but for some reason I can’t sleep, so I’m writing this…

In other news I was watching a bit of The Weakest Link earlier and it suddenly struck me that the only reason that show exists is for people to get off on the idea of being insulted (or watching people being insulted) by Anne Robinson. Any pretence of intelligence is well and truly over, mainly because, on average, over half of the contestants are thick as pig shit anyway, apparently only allowed on the show in order to be an easy target for Miss Robinson’s endless jibes which, whilst they’re quite amusing and rather witty, just serve to demonstrate the general stupidity of the contestants, particularly when they fire back some dumbass retort (occasionally they strike a good one, that’s the luck of the draw).

On a slight aside, if you have ever been on The Weakest Link and happen to be reading this as well, then you probably do lie in the dumb 50% mentioned. Sorry.


Well, this has taken me long enough to actually start to write, but here it is – my quick (or maybe not so quick, depending on your reading speed) rundown of my experiences on a recent visit to our nation’s capital, where the streets are rumoured to be paved with gold, where all your dreams are possible, and where the Queen lives.

I was struggling for a number of things before starting this, highest on the list being inspiration. However, I believe I’ve found that now, and in doing so think I’ve come up with a fairly worthwhile way of making it brief, but thorough, which is by subdividing it up into constituent parts, and expanding them from there.

Not that you needed to know that.

So sit back, grab a brew, and try to enjoy a whirlwind review of my first experience of London-town since I was 8 years old, and my first experience as a ‘proper grown up’.

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XLink Kai

Just found this little gem whilst I was looking through the XBox Linux project pages as a free alternative to XBox Live, along with free gaming portals for the PS2 and Gamecube. Presumably the newer consoles will get supported at a later date, but who cares!? ๐Ÿ™‚

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