BBC NEWS: US Man Saved from Alligator Jaws

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I shouldn’t, but a few things in this made me titter. First up was:

“Police said it was unclear why he was in the water in the early hours, but he had admitted taking crack cocaine.

At a guess, the cocaine had something to do with it.

“The alligator believed to have carried out the attack was later caught, wildlife officials said.”

That’ll be the one with bits of human flesh on its teeth then…

I’m getting bored of quoting BBC News, but every time I try to stop something makes me laugh.

Recovering Ammo

In an unexpected end of season closer, a Red Sea Explorers dive team, comprising myself and Faisal Khalaf assisted in a project undertaken by the Egyptian Coastguard with HEPCA divers to recover some recently found ammo boxes of unknown origins in the vicinity of Hurghada. M/V Tala was the diving platform for the operation, along with the usual crew as surface support in addition to the HEPCA party.

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BBC NEWS: Face Transplant Woman Can Smile

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First things first, this isn’t a dig at the woman for getting a face transplant because she got mauled by her dog – that would just be nasty. And definitely not funny.

No, this is about some of the phrases used in the article – one would have thought the BBC could be a bit more careful in their quotes, or maybe they just developed a sense of humour.

Don’t know what I mean? Well, how about here, in the fourth paragraph:

Mrs Dinoire has told him she could smile and looked like herself again. [my emphasis]

Little bit uncalled for, don’t you think? How can she look like herself again with someone else’s face…? Maybe I’m missing something, but, you know.

Or a little further down, once more her surgeon adds another inciteful piece:

Aesthetically, the transplant has fitted in very well with the shape of her face. People who hadn’t seen her before her accident now recognise her, which is very interesting.

Indeed, that is very interesting. Because, if you hadn’t seen her before the accident, how the hell would you recognise her? Presumably only if you’d seen her after the accident, when she was mauled and, without sounding insensitive, fairly damn memorable… Or, alternatively, you know the original owner of the face.

The article continues with some classics:

She is able to eat and drink without problems

Always a postive in the survival stakes.

…and in October, Peter Butler at London’s Royal Free Hospital has been given permission to carry out a full face transplant.

He is currently seeking suitable candidates.

Presumably a suitable candidate is someone with a fucked up face… or is there a checklist one must be able to complete?

BBC NEWS: Danish Ad Makes Road Safety Sexy

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Not much to say here except, bravo. It’s about time topless women on TV were put to another use.

Of course, the feminists out there won’t like the idea too much but, personally, I don’t see the problem with it. Looking at it from a purely rational point of view, is having breasts next to a sign reminding you of the speed limit going to attract the young, male audience and give them some sort of subliminal association of the message of the advert when they see the same sign (or maybe breasts) in the future? Almost definitely.

Is the same image going to make women speeders drive faster? Pretty damn unlikely.

Therefore, presuming that men and women are ‘equal’, this tactic should help, at maximum capacity, reduce the number of speeding motorists by upto a half.

Strikes me as pretty damn positive.

Damn feminists.

BBC NEWS: Afghan ‘threat to wider region’

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t this the first ‘succesful’ step on the long road of the War Against Terrorism?
Obviously, the lack of a captured bin Laden, continued terrorist attacks, and other things excluded, if Afghanistan was a success, and 5 years on the President of that ‘new’ country is commenting on how the instability still raging in the region threatens the continued stability of the wider region, one would not look forward to the results of Iraq in a few years time.
The article goes on to mention how the World Food Programme is two thirds short of the funds it requested to feed over three million Afghans in the coming winter. Bonus. Is this, perhaps, yet another example of our high and mighty ‘Western’ representatives wandering in, getting what we need, and then wandering back out again? Maybe all these bomb developments should be curbed whilst we actually feed the people we help to displace… Just a thought, wacky, I know.

Another article goes on to mention how the Bush administration is pushing for sanctions on North Korea… wait, you mean that those who actually have the ability to defend themselves (and more than likely, possess those dreaded WMD’s) get the option of sanctions over straight invasion? Who would have thunk it!? Sure as hell doesn’t send any messages of weapons proliferation to those other ‘rogue states’ out there…

*sigh* Do you ever get the feeling that it’s not worth reading the news anymore? Or at least not worth bothering to worry about it anymore? Drink and be merry!

‘Freedom at Midnight’ by Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre

A detailed history of the transfer of power from the former British Empire to the new Indian and Pakistani states, the buildup to it, the players involved and their respective roles, and the immediate aftermath, with brief notes as to what the future held.

For someone with near enough zero knowledge on the subject before reading the book I found it absolutely fascinating. Extremely well written, detailed, concise, calling upon obviously many interviews, references, cross-references and a vivid viewpoint, the pair get across their points with a clear interest and level of devotion to the subject matter rarely found in histories.
For me at least, it brought the situation alive and aroused an interest I didn’t think I was going to find in the subject, as well as beginning to detail the complexities involved in the removal of the British as the ‘supreme power’ in the area.

Definitely I will re-read this at some point, probably after I have sought out more books on the subject, most urgently at the moment in my mind is finding and reading books / biographies on the Mountbattens, Churchill, Nehru, Jinnah and, of course, Gandhi, amongst others.
Thinking about it, it could be a while until I get around to reading it again…

New Drysuit

Figured I’d write a quick rundown of my new drysuit, whilst I’m here and all that.

I received my new Diving Concepts Z-Flex (Size: ML with minor modifications) 3 days ago now, and so have completed nearly the first 10 dives with it, and ample amount of time to judge a fair opinion on a new suit.

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Through With Shite Beer

Time for a change.

I’ve finally decided that I’m sick of making that age old sacrifice of drinking the shit, watered-down, excuse for a beer those in England call “lager” and the rest of the world attempt to actually pass off as “beer”.
I have no need to make such sacrifices. Why perpetuate the cycle when I can just step out of the circle?

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Countdown to Freedom…

Booked my flights back to the UK today – flying into Heathrow on Friday the 8th December to visit Dicko and Duncan in London for the weekend before travelling back homewards on the 11th, when I’m then back for the next two months (all being well).

Looking forward to it immensely.

Also had a moment of madness today and ordered a random mixture from my Amazon wishlist of CDs – will be good to have a few more tracks to listen to when I’m home, although we’ll see what my mother has to say about that when they arrive on the doorstep!

Other than that, all is fine, about to head back out on safari tomorrow morning. Feeling tired. Season’s nearly over. Bonus. 😉

Peace x