‘The Tristan Betrayal’ by Robert Ludlum

After reading (and loving) the Bourne Trilogy a while ago I finally got around to buying another Robert Ludlum novel.
Similar to the Bourne Trilogy, except a tad more predictable and not quite as gripping, The Tristan Betrayal makes for a pleasant read with an interesting take – inserting the main character (Stephen Metcalfe) as a silent but critical player in two real moments in history (the formation of Operation Barbarossa and the fall of Communism in Russia 50 years later). Ludlum (as is fairly self-explanatory from someone who’s sold as many novels as he has) writes well, providing a fairly vivid feel to the various scenes in which the action is set.
Whilst, as I said earlier, some of the plot becomes predictable in places, certainly the twist right near the end which finally reveals who the inside leak is was, to me at least, a complete surprise.

Would I read it again? Sure, but it isn’t high on my ‘to re-read’ list.

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