Tired and Frustrated

Well, just getting ready to go for the third dive of the day – way behind schedule.

Why are we behind schedule? Mainly because the boss and the captain chose to stay up drinking till the wee hours of the morning, leaving the captain basically too innebriated to be arsed waking up and running the show on time, as he should of done, irrespective of that fact that he probably wasn’t in a fully fit condition to be in charge of the boat in the first place. But that’s by the by, we’re here now.

I am a lot less frustrated now than I was when I woke up / was woken up by a pissed boss at 3 in the morning which I thought, and still think, was just way out of line given the general amount of work we have on and hence the little amount of time we get to sleep, waking one or both of us up for no reason whatsoever other than to showboat and do the whole “I’m the boss” chest-beating thing. Maybe I’m being biased though…

I think the main reason it frustrated me is that I feel I’ve got to a certain point now where I’ve realized that doing the whole getting wasted / working the next day thing is just not sutainable in the job I’m currently in where we’ve got near as damn it no time off (give or take maybe a day a week which is usually spent preparing for the next trip) for the length of the season (this season is 12 weeks back to back). You simply have no time to really recover if you have a true session one night.
Second to that is of course the professionalism aspect (and I thought I’d be the last person to mention this!). Whilst I don’t consider it unprofessional to have a few drinks with the guests, I just don’t think it’s responsible or professional to sit and get absolutely hammered with them, even if you manage to be up and ‘ready’ to dive the next morning. Call me old-fashioned but it’s just how I feel.
I’ve been thinking about it today and really want to start taking more of a ‘lead by example’ approach to my diving. I don’t want to go through this whole explaining things and then never be putting it into practise malarky (the evangelical approach) but feel I would rather just spend my time hammering down my diving and hoping to be able to promote questions on behalf of my guests / students by my example both in and out of the water.
It’s gonna take a lot of unlearning of some shitty habits I’ve started to develop but hopefully if I make a concerted effort then it shouldn’t be too difficult and should set me up better for whatever the future may hold dive-wise.

Either way, I felt last night this was the last straw for me in terms of taking a slack approach and really want to try over the next few weeks firming these sort of things up and tightening my general approach to my diving / instructing. So I doubt this’ll be the last message I post on the subject as I try to write down my own thoughts and plans.

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