Down by the Banks of the Ohio

Well, this week’s been entertaining off, starting off with a suprise and a couple of other things. AG turned up with my new Salvo HID in tow – and a very ncie light it is too. Then my parents and a bunch of diving friends from home turned up for a week on the boat when I was expecting Russians, meaning they were here for my birthday, which was kind of cool, and the 24th saw the start of Ramadan, meaning I’m now into my fourth day of fasting (no food or water during daylight hours). As part of the fasting I’m also giving up all other substances (cigarettes, hash, alcohol) for the month’s duration as well. Just to make things interesting.

The fact that I was fasting certainly came as a surprise to most people, not least of which was to my parents to find me not drinking on my birthday.
Other folks also seemed to wonder why I was fasting, whether I was considering converting, etc.
Rest assured, I am not going to convert. First things first I find it pretty weird to consider ‘converting’ from nothing to something. The fact that I’m doing it does not indicate I’m doing it for any religious reasons at all.
The main reason I’m fasting is because I’m stubborn. I did 5 days last year, and decided I would make an effort to do the whole month this time around. Besides which, I find it’s actually quite a nice thing to do with the rest of the crew doing it as well – sort of brings a family atmosphere to it all, which is nice. Having said that, now there’s only me and two of the crew actually still fasting, the others have cracked for various reasons already, most of them cracking today. Hopefully I’ll at least see out the end of the week! 🙂

Hmmm, I’m sure there was more I wanted to write, guess I’m too tired. Birthday was fun, but busy.


Post-post Relaxation

Wow, that last post was a little bit angry.

Apologies. I’ve relaxed a bit now but feeling slightly depressed from the night!

Time to recover from the alcohol…

…Hmm, Cairo

Hmm, Cairo, indeed.

Been back a few days now and have to admit – after further discussion with Mo, the guy I’m going to be working with for the next few months, if not longer – it’s a kickass city. It’s dirty as you can imagine, that much is true, but the sheer diversity in terms of its buildings, and yet the basic, traditional Egyptian / Arabic feel to it (compared to other Egyptian cities / towns I’ve visited) gives it a weird sort of balance that manages to make it less appealing yet beautiful at the same time.

Not quite sure what quite applies to that. but it is.

In other news, as I’m basically not arsed to write about tonight which was a combination between weird / bag of wank and a good laugh, I haven’t written here for a while due to being at home.
For whatever reason, I don’t know why I don’t write stuff down when I’m at home just because I can’t access the webpage properly / easily (local server location makes it trickier than one would like) doesn’t give me a reason for not writing into a text document and pasting it in later, as per being on the boat.
To summarise, I had fun whilst home, bought a few CDs, including Modern Times by Dylan which is VERY damn cool, and generally enjoyed things.

Mo, the guy I’m due to work with for the next 3 months, seems sound as a proverbial pound, and looking forward to working with him.

Guess I’ll see folks in 3 months.