Truly Frustrated, But Positively

Where to start!?Anyone who tried to subconsciously answer that with ‘at the beginning’ is a prick, by the way. 🙂

I’m in Cario Airport, Terminal 2, at the moment enjoying the relatively new, and free, wireless internet access. This should be a de facto standard in airports everywhere. My new download of NetworkManager on my Kubuntu install runs like a dream, much faster than anything I’ve used by Microsoft, although not as nice looking (and arguably a touch slower) than the Apple wireless utility in OS X. Still, it fits the environment nicely.
When I get home I need to finish configuring my Airport Extreme card to work, I can’t be arsed now.
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Rules of the Road – Cairo

These rules may also apply to the rest of Egypt, but they definitely apply in Cairo:

  1. Road Markings are a Figment of Your Imagination
    Sure, they may seem like they mean something, but adhere to them at your own risk. Pretend they mean something if you like, but nobody else does.
  2. Never Look Back
    I know you may feel the temptation to check behind you fully before pulling out, but don’t. If the guy / girl behind you can’t see that you’re about to turn erratically one way or the other at a moment’s notice without indicating then they shouldn’t be on the fucking road in the first place. If they scratch your car feel free to jump out and politely tell them that they’re in the wrong.
    Or scream and shout.
    Or ignore it.
  3. Traffic Lights are for Decoration
    Never, ever, pay attention to traffic lights. They’re simply there to provide illumination on a dark evening and to keep up with the rest of the world. In the absence of a Traffic Policeman to remind you to ignore them, just keep edging the car slowly further forward until you’re across all the oncoming traffic. They’ll slow down, they have to.
  4. Fuck the Pedestrian
    There’s plenty more where they come from. Fucking lunatics
  5. Wear Your Seatbelt
    Or we’ll book you.
    That’s right, you might feel secure playing destruction derby along our roads, or passing public transport with people hanging out of the doors, but if you’ve not got your seatbelt on then you’re not, and you will get booked for it.
    Conversely, speed as much as you like. There are limits, but without a speed gun, how are we meant to know how fast you’re going? Your seatbelt though? Well, we can see that…

Music, Structure, ‘Open Source Dave’, and Other Uninteresting Reads

Morning / Afternoon / Evening.

This little introduction should serve more as a warning that there is nothing of much interest in this post. This entire post is primarily for my benefit by allowing me to record somewhere some ideas that came up in my head today.
Included are: Installing rockbox on my ipod; my desire to re-rip all my music to ogg; my current progress with ‘Operation Open Source Dave; how I organize my music collections; and not much else.

Read on if ye dare

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