Fucking Flies!

Bastards. The lot of ’em. Pesky little good-for-nothings flying around landing aimlessly with one apparent soul purpose – aggravation!

This is all compunded by the fact that the bastards succeed in what they want to do. Picture the scene, I’m sat here minding my own business, listening to music, surfing the web and drinking water – so nothing to attract them to me you would think, but no. Possibly the only three flies in the area decide it is their mission today to piss me off and laugh amongst themselves at my failed attempt to swat them.

Various information sources tell us that they’re important to life in general, as many other things survive because they eat insects. But we’ve got a ton of insects, so lets get rid of the flies! At least the big ones.
Anyway, rant over, here’s a wikipedia picture:

Ugly bastarding things

Fun Times

Just spent two days acting like a complete child and loving every minute of it. Not much to write about more than that really but what the hell, here goes nothing. Mainly here for my own recollections than any other purpose, but anyway.

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Abusing Boys is part of the Church’s Heritage!

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

In Control

I know, I’m going to hell.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

“Before you judge me take a look at you. Can’t you find something better to do?”

– Metallica, Holier Than Thou

Zee Brotherrrrrs

Diving that kicks serious ass. A squared away team of 3 (plus Faisal and I). Doubles. Helium. A unified approach. And a week to visit the best of the North and the Brothers Islands.
Did we have fun? Goddamn right we did, mofo.

Just another week in the office though, I guess. Here’s how it went…

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‘Consider Phloebas’ by Iain M. Banks

The second book by Iain M. Banks (as he is known in his science fiction writing) that I have read, and the first I have read of the ‘Culture Novels’ as he calls them. Whilst it took me ages to read (I hardly read it whilst I was at home for a month) it was definitely very enjoyable and interesting. The story line was full of little twists and turns, ending up very differently to what I would have expected.

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