BBC NEWS: At Least 1,000 UK Soldiers Desert

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Just read this whilst scanning the BBC RSS feeds and a line near the start (about something I was unaware of got me thinking.

“… Parliament debates a law that will forbid military personnel refusing to participate in the occupation of a foreign country.”

Personally I think this is a good law to introduce. Note that whilst I’m not a big fan of the military, and wouldn’t say I’m pleased with Our Leader’s interventionist stance and fascination with invading and destroying foreign countries, I equally wouldn’t join the military with the idea that I can shirk away from the job as it suits me.

Just the same as I wouldn’t expect to be able to just not turn up for a diving trip in the job I’m currently in without getting a bollocking for it.

Maybe I looks at things a little bit too simply, but as I see it if you join the military you are, basically, starting a job in which the primary role is to kill / harrass / injure people.
Like I said, that is a simplistic approach, but please, put aside your notions of bravery, heroism and all that crap. If you join the army, any army, you are partaking in a company who’s primary role and history is to kill and injure people. If your job was to go over there and persuade them with colourful language and a diplomatic approach, you probably would have little need for the big helmets and bigger guns.

Equally, in Britain, we are no longer under compulsion to join the military. We don’t have to do service. It is a personal choice. If you choose to try it and don’t like it, one would imagine you have every right to leave (or just intentionally fail a few exams..). If you don’t then maybe you should have thought more carefully before signing up.

But just walking out and leaving the people you trained, survived, and maybe killed with (friends, work mates, however you want to call it) out there to do their own job PLUS the job that you just walked out on isn’t a particularly nice thing to do, in my opinion, and is almost as unjustifiable as signing up in the first place. I understand it can not be an easy job (I don’t quite fancy going out and shooting other people day by day – ‘maintaining order‘) but that’s the reason you probably need to think about it a little more before you start goose-stepping around the parade yard. Haven’t we been through enough wars, ‘battles’, and ‘excursions’ as a country to figure this basic stuff out yet?
However, if more and more soldiers are deserting, maybe its time the Government actually took a more serious look as to why more soldiers are deserting (ie. having to fight an unjust, illegal war) and wise up to the fact that if the soldiers you are paying and who obviously share some form of nationalistic pride for your (and their) country are deserting, what are the people worldwide you are trying to fight thinking of you, and what about the people who already sympathise with the ‘enemy’ for similar patriotic reasons? Maybe you’re gonna create more enemies…

Anyway, just a thought…

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  1. What he says is true, but he would be the first person to say “Nuke them” or “send in the army” when pirates attack or oil supplies are with held.

    he should keep smoking the weed and stay at home because living is on the other side of the front door. I support the troops that do a job I found hard to do.

  2. Ken, I don’t know if ‘he’ is meant to be me or not, but if it is, thanks, I clearly didn’t get my point across in the way it was intended. This wasn’t meant to be a dig at troops because, whilst I don’t agree with their necessity, I know their only pawns in a much bigger, dirtier game.
    I also know that most of them do their job for their own, very worthwhile reasons and that it is by no means the easiest job in the world to do.

    However, the idea that deserting is so easy to do is slightly ridiculous, and this little rant was more about questioning why soldiers should be allowed to desert. But anyway, that was clearly lost. Sorry.

    Of course, I am presuming ‘he’ is ‘me’, your assumption that I’d be the first to cry ‘Nuke’ or ‘send in the troops’ when the shit hits the fan, I am afraid you could not be more mistaken, but thanks for feeling so confident to judge me so soon.


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