Dishonest Fuckwit

Well, the other night was a tad strange and I sorta surprised myself in a few things.
Got back from the last safari (Brothers & Elphinstone – tons of stuff to see) and went out for a few drinks that night with one of the guests (my student from the week) and another crew member. Had fun. Then got ‘approached’ by my student.

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In Defence of Irony

Well, I got a shock today. Because today I received a reply to an email I had lost all hope of receiving a reply on.

Two months ago I sent an email to HSBC enquiring as to their somewhat ironic advertising campaign of being the ‘World’s Local Bank’, but only in English.

Didn’t read it? SHAME ON YOU! But catch up on it here (you must be bored….).

Anyway, I received a reply, and here it is…

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Return to Maidan

Any of you who happened to read the entry ‘Deep’ a while back may remember the name of the wreck in question: the /SS Maidan/. Like I think I said last time, she’s a bloody big wreck.

Today we went back to her again. This time we managed to spend a bit longer on the wreck (finding it straight away rather than looking for 5 minutes or so) and also went inside a little bit.

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‘The Acid House’ by Irvine Welsh

Scary, twisted, sick, fucked up, but funny and immensely brilliant at the same time. This collection of short stories and the novella ‘A Smart Cunt’ are addictive to read and enjoyable, but still presenting certain issues. As with ‘Trainspotting’ the language is at times difficult to read and always colourful, but once you get into the swing of how it needs to be read I find it an interesting thing to do in itself.
Definitely a book I would read again and one I can reccomend whole-heartedly to others. I doubt everyone will like it but it did it for me.

Reach Out and Touch Faith

Well, just finished another week’s safari, with another week of Russians. Gotta love ’em.
This group was actually a lot of fun to have around and very easy to look after. The technical side of things was pretty much a different matter but I can’t be arsed winding myself up by going back through it all now. I’d rather let it fester in the cess pool of my mind for longer.

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