Bombs Through Dahab

Well, I just got out the water after finishing the third dive of the day and found out that there’s been 3 bombs up in Dahab in Sinai. That’s quite a long way from where I am but, regardless, it’s still in Egypt, and it’s still another bombing, by all accounts in another tourist area.

Now, I should probably point out at this point that anything written here is purelty speculation. I am a long way offshore and without any form of communication to current events (mobile phone, radio, internet etc.), but then that’s not why I’m writing this. I’m writing it to try and see how it makes me feel, if anything at all.

Whether it’s because I’m tired, or because I have no information, I don’t know but for some reason when I was told of it nothing specific came to mind. Sure, it isn’t nice and wasn’t the greatest news to receive but equally it didn’t really bother me that much, which might sound selfish, but then again it might not.

The truth seems to be that, depsite writing this and making the effort to start it, I don’t have any. I really feel removed from it right now, mayeb due to not knowing the facts.
It is a tad concerting that this is the second tourist area to be struck in the Sinai (Sharm el Sheikh being the first one) in the last year, and kinda leaves you wondering if perhaps Hurghada will be the next victim, where I spent a reasonable amount of time. But then I guess that’s the point. If it didn’t leave you guessing it wouldn’t make for very good terrorism, nevermind television.

Hmm, well, this is significantly less spectacular than I’d hoped. I feel pretty knackered. Going to go try finish /The Road to Wigan Pier/ by Orwell and get some sleep (its taken 7 hours since I started to finish this…).

Reccomended song of the moment: /Hurt/ by Johnny Cash (Nine Inch Nails cover).

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