LANRadio / LAN Tour 2007

So here’s the deal.

The other night I was drunk and talking to a guest we had on the boat about LANs and the like, and the large scale ones that he was taking part in. I carried on drinking a bit and got to thinking about this and realized I hadn’t been to a LAN party in a long time, let alone visited one abroad.

And then, like a vision from above, it hit me. LAN Tour 2007. A European road-trip stopping off at various LAN parties throughout the tour. If people also wanted, even take a server box along and provide LANRadio for the larger LAN events. Just like the Blues Brothers, it’s a Mission from God…

I haven’t worked out any specifics yet, but I have put out feelers to a few people to see what they think of the idea. Obviously I need to sort out some logistics (such as a vehicle or other form of transport between LANs) putting out contact feelers and a small web site detailing what we plan to do. Then reach out for more contacts in different places and establish the first team.

The idea in my head at the minute would be to make this a regular occurrence, maybe gaining popularity and growing in size year on year to include more countries to visit.

Anyway, we’ll see what happens….

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