Hair (and the fascists who oppose it)

Alright then, so before I start I already know this is going to go into the Rant section… not necessarily a great thing…!

That aside though, I thought I might as well write down things on a subject that seems to have been quite a hot topic during recent visits home – my god-damned-mother-fucking-shit-kicking-weird-big hair. Or my hair, as you may prefer.

Anyway, the basic consensus (or should I say, my mother’s) is that I need to get my hair cut, or ‘treated’, or whatver term you want to use. She also claims I should wash it, although that suggests I don’t presently wash it. Which I do. Albeit without the aid of shampoo. Apparently this means my hair ‘stinks’, although one could equally argue that it just smells of hair… the debate continues.

Anyway, my point throughout all of this is that, whilst she wants me to get it cut and tries various blackmail techniques to get me to cut it (none of which I’ve stooped to as of of yet) the fact that my hair remains fairly unkept-looking doesn’t actually harm anybody, and has had no noticeable effect amongst friends and strangers alike, except as a focal point. Is that a bad thing?
I feel comfortable with my hair (actually I just couldn’t give a shit) and enjoy seeing what its like to try and grow it longer, maybe even dreadlock it at some point, maybe not. Is that a bad thing?
I’ve never particularly been one for trying the latest trends for the sake of trying them, so why do I want to cut my hair to be like every fucker else?
When I do eventually cut my hair it will be different but, again, it’ll be how I want it. More than likely I’ll shave it again, but who knows, and I don’t know when it will be. Is that a bad thing?

One thing’s for sure though, this crop of hair ain’t been touched by a barber or even a pair of scissors (to my knowledge) in nearly a year and a half. Join me in a honey and pepper vodka toast. Long may it reign.

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