Alice Cooper in Wicked Weapon?

Well, been meaning to write this for a while, can’t remember exactly how long, but since the first time I was watching the film /Wicked Weapon/. For those unaware, this is a film starring the lovely Jenna Jameson amongst others, except this version I have is in French, therefore it is art.

Anyway, whilst watching this exceptional work of art, around the half an hour mark, there was what I believe is called a group sex scene. Anyway, for whatever reason, whilst watching this I somehow managed to notice that the close up on one of the acresses faces (I don’t know her name unfortunately) looked remarkably like Alice Cooper.

Now, whilst I’ve never seen Alice Cooper naked, I would hazard a guess that he *does not* look like the said actress, but nonetheless this particular close up did appear to be Alice Cooper.
Don’t believe me? Check out the attached picture and tell me I’m wrong.

As to what this means to my mental state of mind, I’m unsure, perhaps makes me a tad sick, to use a professional term. But what the hell, you be the judge.

In other news, I finished reading /England Away/ recently and have to say it lived up to the predent /The Football Factory/ left. I’ve now started the Johnny Cash biography, /The Man Called Cash/ and watched /Walk the Line/ last night. Been listening to Cash more and more recently and found the film and what I’ve read of the book so far fascinating, even if the film was 2 hours of depression followed by 5 minutes of positivity…

Alice Cooper?

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*From the Fish’s Mouth!*

I hear what you’re saying but I just don’t care.

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