Too tired to think of a title, too much of a prick to leave it untitled. Just finished trying to pacify the guests.. the fun part being that it’s there first day with us.
Long story but if I was to condense it it would look like this:

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Speaking Out Against the Irony…

Scroll down and find my post titled ‘ironic’. See what you think. Or click here.

Since I have nothing better to do right now, I decided to write to HSBC and see what they say. Below is the email I have Just written. Enjoy.

SUBJECT: The World’s Local Bank?

Dear Sir / Madam

I am writing to you to ask a question on something that struck me as odd the other day. I hope you don’t mind my asking and find time to answer.

I am currently in Egypt and a few days ago I was walking past your branch in El Zamalek area of Cairo. I am afraid I do not know the full address, but it’s just across the road from the Marriott Hotel.

Now, I’ve come to enjoy the various adverts that have been on English Television in recent years declaring your extensive local knowledge, and appreciation of it, along with your slogan ‘The World’s Local Bank’.
So imagine my surprise when passing this branch of yours that I should see the aforementioned slogan ‘HSBC: The World’s Local Bank’ positioned by the roadside.

Nothing funny in that you might note, and you would be right. Except that the sign was in English. And English only.
Now, whilst I doubt I share such a vast appreciation and knowledge of world cultures as your good selves, I feel inclined to point out that the language read, spoken, and written, in Egypt is Arabic.

I do hope this was an oversight on your part and would be interested in finding out if it was a deliberate move or not.

Many thanks for your time.

السلام عليكم
Salaam alaikum.

Dave Smith

I will keep you posted if I get a response… Gave me something to do anyway…

Recreant View


Well, quick post to mention a couple of things.

Firstly, it rained today. Not big news if you’re from where I’m from, but I’m currently in EGYPT for those already unaware and I just didn’t expect to actually witness rain whilst I was here.

Now, compared to what we get at home, its hard to call it rain. But to desert sand it was like a freaking flood!

Secondly, downloaded and listened to quite a bit of stuff from Recreant View [] which is Jono Bacon’s [] solo music project. While it is digitally mixed and the like he is an extremely talented guy, in most cases doing guitar, bass, drums, and vocals himself and mixing them together. There’s some pictures of his home studio setup there as well which looks rather nice.
Those unaware as to who the hell Jono Bacon actually is (and too lazy to click the link above), he’s a jack of all trades really and in my humble opinion an excellent advocate for the open source and Free Software world. And his music is impressive. He also writes for many magazines, usually with an interesting approach. Worth checking out anyway, is what I want to say.

In other news – not much.

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*From the Fish’s Mouth!*
Young men, hear an old man to whom old men hearkened when he was young.
— Augustus Caesar

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Something else I meant to say earlier but reckon it deserves its own space…

I saw something in Cairo yesterday that, although I’ve seen it many times before, I never really thought about properly.

I was passing El Zamalek branch of HSBC which has the sign outside saying ‘The World’s local bank’.

That was it. In English only. Go figure.

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*From the Fish’s Mouth!*

If you can’t understand it, it is intuitively obvious.

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Well, I arrived to Hurghada today after a 5 hour coach journey (quicker than expected) and got to the boat, ready to get to work with the various things I need to do before guests arrive (tidy the stockroom, make some information pieces and the like). All’s well at this point. Nice to see most of the crew again and see what they’ve been up to.

Then I’m told we have no water, so no chance for a shower, shit, or even shave (if I could grow facial hair…).
Ok, no worries, I can fashion some way to sort that stuff out at some point.

Oh, we have no food either.

Ok, didn’t quite believe this at first as I just passed the chef coming in. A quick check in the kitchen confirms this, along with fuck all fresh water to drink worth mentioning.

And we’re nearly out of fuel so we’re not sure how much generator time we have.

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New space….

Hello folks.

Well, I’ve finally started testing the webspace for a more fully featured blog / website over on the [real:ppl] server located in the comfort of my own home (it would be comfortable if I was there).
So, yeh, feel free to check it out and see what you think. Most ‘important’ posts will be posted here and there anyway in the interim, so you shouldn’t be missing out on much.

Just the blog at the moment, looking to add other bits soon (TM)

Take it easy.

Dave x

Ready to Die?

As I start writing this I have chosen to try and write it with a slightly more planned approach and call it an ‘article’. Unfortunately, the truth is that it is quite a personal matter and something fairly close to my heart, so the writing of it, put off as it may have been, might not prove too easy. It also won’t win any length records, but there we go.
My purpose in writing this is to approach, no doubt in a round-about way, the question as to whether Euthenasia can ever be a reasonable and logical choice for someone to make, dealing for a change with someone of good health.

The issue of euthenasia in the case of those people with critical ilnnesses has been covered by various commentators, many times, and whilst it is an interesting moral issue, is not one I’m going to be considering in this little amble through my mind. Whilst some of the issues I raise may be applicable across the board, some no doubt will not. Some also, no doubt may cause offence / anger / frustration / distress. If you think this is you and you’re really that sensitive, please feel free to fuck off.

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Back Online (Step 1)


Well, this is it, step 1 of getting my own website back on the web. Because yes, I really have that much time on my hands. Well, I don’t. But the time I do have I want to do this with. Got a problem with that? 🙂 Good.

Anyway, this page is primarily a test for me to see that all is working well. For those who give a toss (I gave two earlier), I’m presently in Cairo, Egypt, getting ready to be back at work proper in the next couple of days.

Current playing song as I write this is Hammer Attack at the Sixth Form Disco by Kr!ss Foster. Definitely worth a listen. head over to and do a search.

The Test

Well, today was something unexpected to have to take. Or to take at this point in time. Or in Egypt.

Today I had some blood drawn for an AIDS test. Belting.

Now, I didn’t need to take it from the point of view that I thing I may have contracted anything, so even if you were beginning to, don’t worry about anything like that, I simply needed it to do some of my work permit things for over here.

But it was odd, because suddenly it presented me with a few things to think about… Now, I don’t know for sure, but I guess I’ll get the results back from this (or just a work permit refusal would probably result in giving me a decent grasp on the result) but what would I do if it turned out I did have an issue of some sorts, be it AIDS or HIV? How would that affect my life? Would I let it affect me? Would I have no choice?

If I remember school lessons correctly then about 20 years is the onset time to feel symptoms etc, so it’s feasible that I’ve got this far through without knowing it.
Wouldn’t that be a kick in the balls?

It gives me something to think about though I guess. And sort of a realization that I don’t as much as I perhaps should know about the multitude of different illnesses out there (thank christ I ain’t a chicken, that’s all I can say).

Like I say, I find it highly unlikelty that I’ll have a problem but I just found it interesting the way my mind was working… I’m quite happy to go on without having a test and genuinely not knowing, but now that I’ve been forced to have the test, the not knowing becomes a pain in the ass.

Probably more to follow. Still no fish. Soon ™.