Putting the “D” Back into Diving

Man, this week has been fun. It sounds a completely cliche, but it has been one of those weeks that really remind me how fun diving is. Not that it lost appeal before, far from it, but it really was an exceptional weeks diving.
Firstly, this is thanks to the weather being, unbelievably, perfect. Flat calm (but with current). Secondly it’s due to having a pretty impressive schedule (Abu Nahas – Thistlegorm – The Brothers – Elphinstone), and finally (but by no means least) it is thanks to having a good group of people to work with and cater for. I won’t go into detail on everything (after all, this isn’t a trip report as such) but I’ll jujst cover some stand out points.
Abu Nahas is fine, but for me, getting out to Thistlegorm was fantastic. It’s actually a much more beautiful wreck than I remember it, which indicates I wasn’t really paying attention when I was here two years ago, but hey ho. The number of fish around it is fantastic, and the exposed ammo hold at the back was of course cool. The bikes and insides didn’t look as impressive as I’d remembered them but seeing a turtle eating from the still in place anchor on the bow was nice, as was doing it by night dive. But the best part about it? For all three dives there was not one other boat there.
The Brothers, as ever, were very nice dives. Not quite as exciting or all-encompassing as the last trip here (when we scootered around the whole of Big Brother) but great recreational diving nonetheless. Saw quite a few Thresher sharks along with a silky over the course of two days which was very cool. Would love to get back there on another technical trip and really see what lies off the edges. Excellent dives.
Elphinstone, as ever, is Elphinstone. In fact, diving anywhere in the Marsa Alam region is cool for me as its beginning more and more to feel like ‘coming home’ in terms of diving, much like diving Capernwray is (albeit with warmer weather!). Nice dives and a couple of Oceanics to gawp at.
Just, cool.

Don’t know yet what I’ll be doing next week, rumour has it that a run up to Cairo may be on the cards, or I’ll be in the boat. At this juncture either’s cool with me. Would kind of be good to work seeing as I’m here and get the cash in for that week, but it would also be nice to go out to Cairo and get online for a bit. Got a few more posts to put up now.
Have to say I’ve been quite impressed with my log keeping so far. It must be boring as hell to read, but at least I’m sticking to it for now. I guess in its own way it is kind of relaxing to write, if a little bit odd. What the hell, I’m here now.

Still reading Nabokov’s /Lolita/, which is taking me longer to read than I was expecting, mainly as I’ve been pretty tired so fell asleep rather than reading. Nearly half way through now though and, if anybody is keeping tabs on this sort of thing, give Nabokov some points for a fucked-up mind (and I mean that positively). It is, so far, an extremely interesting read, but clear the product of a very intelligent, if wandering, mind. I’d be curious to see the results of analysis on /that/ brain. Anyone who hasn’t read it though, I suggest you try it – it ain’t your typical classic, ‘guv.

Anyway, until next time readers, peace out.

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