“Too Hard to Be Free”?

In this new wave of ‘combating terrorism’, ‘fighting oppression’ and spreading ‘Western’ ideas of civilization, ‘freedom’, and ‘democracy’, at what point are we[2] going to step back and admit, “okay, we were wrong… again”? Or perhaps that question should read, “when are we going to be forced to admit we were wrong… again?”
In this technological age, where our methods and ability to perform a multitude of tasks instantaneously extends and evolves continuously and rapidly, will this wave of new imperialism fall on the same harsh curve as its predecessors? One can always dream I guess…
Before I truly begin with yet another amble through my mind, let me state that I currently suffer from a rather remarkable lack of current affairs. Given my present location[3], the only source of information (that I can read and/or understand) is via irregular viewing of BBC World or Euro News. Even more rarely I may get to check various websites for more/different information. I trust others will pick up on and correct any errors, both factual and assumed.

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