Combat Oppression and Discrimination: Open Source Your Life

Let’s get something clear: I am not a technology guru. In fact, compared to many I’m not even computer literate. But that doesn’t detract from having an opinion on the matter – as far as I’m aware. If I’ve made any glaring errors/miscalculations in anything I say I trust others to tell me/correct me/hold me/thrill me/kiss me/kill me.

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Cast Off Your Ingrained Prejudice and Open Your Mind

Following a rather interesting conversation a group of us had the other night, I finally decided to tackle head-on my thoughts on the topic of drugs and their legal status by putting pen to paper (or finger to key to screen to Internet) and seeing if it clears my mind any more (see, you don’t need to be a crack addict to have a confused mind…).

Ok, first of all I need to state where (I think) I stand on all this: I think all currently illegal drugs should be legalized. Not necessarily immediately, but certainly we should start on the path towards legalization and, in turn, some form of regulation. We should timetable the legalization of substances and, unlike most governmental plans, we should stick to that timetable.
Maybe I’m a hard-liner, I don’t know. And, to be honest, I don’t care – it’s just what I think.

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