Two Glorious Years On…

Ahhh two years ago today, 11th September 2001. Popularly dubbed 9-11. We all remember it. The promises that were made, the laws, skirmishes and subsequent protests that were to follow. The vow to rid the world of terrorism and to bring those responsible for the attacks to justice (American justice, that is) and all the other tricks Mr Bush and Mr Blair had up their sleeves.

And that’s my purpose in writing this. To see just how much the world really has changed, beneath all the hype. Now, I know I am hardly the first person to write such a piece, just a glance at today’s papers shows that, nor am I completely competent on all aspects of what I am about to discuss. Some areas I have a better understanding of than others, but I shall do my best to present what I do know as efficiently as possible.

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