“American Funded Genocide, While We Sit and Sympathise.”

There never was a good war, nor a bad peace.” I have used that quote from Ben Franklin on many occassions recently as I believe it is very important. “What about World War Two?” some people ask. Well, that was not a good war. It was a horrendous war which brought with it unimaginable death tolls. 26 million Russians died in action. 6 million Jews slaughtered as part of one man’s plans. The only (as of yet) nuclear bomb to have been used in action dropped on innocent civillians. To me that is not ‘good’. Perhaps the reasons to fight were justified, but the war itself was not ‘good’. And this war shall not prove to be any different from history.

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Fuck Shit Cunt Bastard Bollocks Dick Twat Crap

One question. Are you looking at this with a feeling of disgust/shock at the title? Or were you intrigued by the title and felt little or no disgust/shock at it? If you answer yes to the first question then perhaps my conlusion of this article is incorrect, but if you answer yes to the second question you have effectively supported what I am about to write. Either way I personally would like to know your views in the forums.

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